Anonymize The Links On Your Home Page Or Board Newsgroup


Were you aware that when you link to the website of someone your site shows up in their logs as a URL that is referring. Most of us don't have a problem with that. In specific situations, you may not want your own web site to be understood to the referred site's webmaster. It is Blank the Referrer is a simple plugin that takes advantage of to make your links unattributable.

The links from your own site automatically change into an anonymous format. It adds to your links to do this. This plugin makes that choice that is available to you personally. You do need to be quite careful when using this plugin. Concealing the source for your own links isn't something that all of your visitors will enjoy.

Anonymize Links

Anonymize your links that are exterior using the service.

It is possible to use this plugin to stop your website from appearing in the server logs of referred pages. The operators of the referred pages cannot see where their visitors come from any more.

Internet Link Anonymizer Issues - Hiding Your Ip Address

Web proxy or anonymous proxy server as it is instead called is a server that gives a platform for anonymous browsing on the web. There are numerous versions of the servers available. For link anonymizer seekers, open proxies would be the most common. Because tracking it's pretty difficult this is. Folks seek anonymity online for various motives, they include.